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Eddie Fooshang

NMLS 1396136

C.A.R.E. Amplifier

As a teen age boy in Egypt, he was fascinated with America through his favorite show “Walker Texas Ranger”. He dreamt of the day he would move to the USA, and specifically Texas to live the American Dream! His love for America and the American dream made him so passionate about home ownership. As he tried to secure his own financing for his first home he fell in love with the process and decided to choose the mortgage business as his calling. His passion is to educate and help as many people as possible become homeowners. As the leader of the Eddie Fooshang Team he amplifies the C.A.R.E. model which stands for Creating A Referable Experience.

Brian Shapleigh

NMLS 1322834

C.A.R.E. Giver

Once you have been prequalified, it’s onto the formal approval process.  This is where Brian shines!  His primary purpose is to ensure that the process of getting your pre-approval has been handled with care.  Secondly, he will ensure that it is ROCK SOLID so that you can confidently go out and make an offer on a home of your dreams. Essentially, our pre-approvals are treated like cash in the marketplace, thanks to Brian’s commitment to caring for our clients.

Christina Matheny C.A.R.E. Orchestrator

Once your contract is accepted and fully executed Christina will take over for you.  Her purpose as the “Orchestrator” is to help bring the 30+ people who have a direct impact on your loan together so that you get the keys to your home as expected!  She has an amazing relationship with the underwriting team and is exceptional at communicating exactly what is needed.  Additionally, the goal isn’t just to have your loan close on schedule, but rather to earn the right to receive a referral of someone you care about.

Ana Fragoso C.A.R.E. Ambassador

Ana is our community relations expert.  As a bi-lingual professional, she passionately preaches our message of Creating A Referable Experience to our partners and local communities.

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